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Notes on Spanish Heraldry

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This page will house interesting bits we find on spanish heraldry, that do not justify a full article, or aren't properly written yet.
Please see the related bibliography.

Bend engouly (Banda engolada)

This is like a normal mediveal bend, but he bend goes into heads at each end, as if were being "swallowed". The heads were called "tragantes" (literally 'swallowers').

In Castile at least the heads are serpents or dragon's heads (the two being considered "close" creatures).
The Navarre Armorial has 2 bends engouly: one with dragon's heads and one with lion's heads.
  • No374 has the 4th quarter being: Or, a sable bend engouled into dragon's heads (Fol. 47, 1st arms). The heads are painted white or unpainted in the armorial.
  • No 393: Azure, a bend or engouled in lion's heads (Fol. 49, 4th arms). Both the bend and the heads were left unpainted.

The drawings are usually not realistic enough or have the detail to tell that the heads belong to one or other species. Serpents heads often look rather dog-like, and I'd never have guesses about the lion's heads just by looking at the the painting.

The heads can be of different color than the bend, and they can have details in other colors. Riquer cites for Castile several examples:
  • 51 (Tovar, BA 214v): azure, a bend or with swallowerss of the same, the swallowers are serpents' heads
  • 52 (Hoyos, BRA, 201v): azure, a bend argent and its swallowers or, and its tongues and teetch of gules
  • 53 (Andrada, BRA 182): vert, a bend or and the swallowers argent...
  • 54 (Abeçia, BA 210): ...gules, a bend argent and two swallowers of gold and tongues of gules...
  • 55 (Castilla, BA 212v): (Quarterly of Castile and Leon)...overall a bend sable with swallowers or and tongues of gules
  • 56 (Noseta, BRA 210): vert, a bend gules and two swallowers or

A blazon in Catalan language describes the bed engouly in 55 more specifically: ...and a bend of (sable) with two heads of serpents at its ends

The bend engouly is most famous perhaps by association with the the Order of the Band. This was founded in 1332 by Alfonso XI, king of Castile, Leon, etc. It apparently was a kind of personal device of the king which he sometimes used as a mark of honour. In 1324, for example, a man named Pedro de Pineda was rewarded for his defense of Baena qith 10,000 maravedis, the privilege of wearing clothes of gold and silk adorned with pineapples, sword and scabbard adorned with gold and silver, because he was a knight of the golden bend.
By the 15th c. at least women were also given the privilege of wearing the bend on their clothing, devices and such.

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  • Navarre Armorial
  • Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera?, La Orden y Divisa de la Banda Real de Castilla

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